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THE WEB BROWSER Peeking at cinema voyeur proves a dull undertaking
It's amazing, sometimes, the uses to which Internet technology can be put. Communications, business, medicine, cultural exchange, yada yada yada. But let's not forget voyeurism.A press release from touts a back-to-school rush of college students setting up dormroom Web cams to broadcast their lives to the Net.That's right - attach a little computer to the side of your monitor, dial up your Internet connection and you're...

Webcamnow The month's top Web sites and properties
Top 25 properties at home Audience 1 AOL Web sites 57,029,000 2 Yahoo 52,856,000 3 MSN 41,338,000 4 Excite@Home 24,282,000 5 Microsoft 23,140,000 6 Lycos Network 22,602,000 7 Disney Internet 19,275,000 8 Time Warner 19,060,000 9 Amazon 17,055,000 10 About 15,266,000 11 eBay 13,941,000 12 CNet Networks 13,703,000 13 eUniverse 13,519,000 14 NBC Internet 12,415,000 15 AltaVista 11,029,000 16 Ask Jeeves 10,870,000 17 LookSmart 10,619,000 18...

Webcamnow Virtual voyeurism
The latest webcam technology means nowhere in the world are you safe from prying eyes, writes Steve Polak THESE days the Internet makes it increasingly easy for the virtual voyeur to log on and leer at the world without having to muck about with too much technology. Indeed, webcams are so established that there undoubtedly are more out there than TV stations, each broadcasting its own particular slice of life 24/7 to anyone who wants to log on and tune in.Not all webcams deliver wholesome...

Webcamnow Coming to You Live More people share experiences with Webcams
When Jayson Agagnier chats online with his 4-month-old nephew, the two sit in front of Internet cameras so that they can see each other while they talk. The San Francisco resident also likes to use a laptop with a cellular modem and Webcam to capture images of the city's streets -- as viewed from the front of a cable car.With permission from Muni, he attaches a camera to the front of a cable car about once a month and beams the images to his personal Web page.He can capture...


Webcamnow Galaxy Foods Company Embarks on Proactive External Communications Program; Retains Jaffoni & Collins For Investor Relations and Strategic Counsel
Business Editors ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 2000 In a move to launch a proactive external communications program and to develop a ...

Webcamnow Galaxy Foods Company Embarks on Proactive External Communications Program; Retains Jaffoni & Collins For Investor Relations and Strategic Counsel
Business Editors ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 2000 In a move to launch a proactive external communications program and to develop a ...

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